1982 Epiphone Spirtit II

Written by Fiestared on august 9th, 2011

Nytt klenodium ankommet fra Trondhjem. Gibson Kalmzoo, USA bygget Epiphone!

Yepp sjekk mer info til høyre, super gitar originalt med Gibson- Tim Shaw 59′ micker-,åter krem.


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  1. Jeremy sier:

    hey i have the same exact guitar with the original hard case!!!
    just brought it over from hawaii!! how much do you think its worth?

  2. Fiestared sier:

    Hi Jeremy,
    This guitar is a rising star, fantastic sounding guitar. Rare and special. This is an early Epiphone logo verion, with strapbutton on back of body. I have also the original case and candy. The Shaw 59s sound incredible.

    Hold on to it,price +/- 1000USD. Check ebay


  3. Jeremy sier:

    Great news thanks for the update!!!!! i almost sold it for a little less!!! but you changed my mind, its kind of a classic!! i bought it brand new for $600 it isnt in mint condition but yes it sounds great!!!

    kinda random that i found this page!! love it.


  4. Fiestared sier:

    Great Jeremy, do you have Epi or Gibson logo on your Spirit?
    Nice to have you onboard, stay in touch.

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